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The easy way for coaches and consultants to own the information they share online and get rid of copycats and content thieves, for good.

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Your generosity is a liability, and your business could be at risk.

Imagine what it would feel like if…

  • Someone steals the name you lost sleep over for days or weeks.
  • You see a concept that you taught in a course or on a webinar, being used by other coaches without getting any credit for it.
  • Potential clients are getting confused between your brand and another one that
  • Another company or person uses the curriculum or work that you created to make money in their business.
  • You had to rebrand and start over because it turned out you were infringing on someone else’s business.
  • You got sued, because there weren’t any clear contracts in place.

Does the thought of these make your stomach turn?

I can imagine, because these are scenarios that stress my clients out often.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this.

What do you think of Inserting something here about peace of mind in your business, protection, transforming your brand protection strategy?

Trademark and Brand Protection

Have your trademark filed & contracts ready to fire off within 30 days

Our Brand Protection Package includes the filing of your federal trademark application (filing fee included) and the development of 2 contracts.

Below is a list of what’s included with your package:

Trademark Protection

-Comprehensive Trademark Clearance Search & Analysis

-Trademark Strategy Session with Attorney Yasmine Salem Hamdan

-Drafting & Filing of the Federal USPTO Trademark Application

-Representation as Your Attorney-of-Record Throughout the Federal Examination Proceedings

Contract Development

-Customized Contract Development

-Contract Development Strategy Session

-Development & Drafting of Two (2) of the Following Written Agreements, with Unlimited Revisions Made as Needed During Development: 1:1 Private Coaching Agreement; Group Coaching Agreement; Consulting Agreement; Mastermind Community Agreement; etc.

“Working with Yasmine has been so beneficial to my business. I was very intimidated before hiring a lawyer for my coaching business. I started following along Yasmine and her social media where she gave a lot of value to protecting your brand. I knew I needed more brand protection as my business grew so I reached out to her. She helped me so much and made the process really easy for me. I feel much more confident knowing that Yasmine has my back and is helping me get my brand protected. I now have much more time and energy to serve my clients with my full potential. I can’t thank Yasmine enough!”

M.T., Online Business Coach

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Trademark and Brand Protection is perfect if you sell:

1:1 coaching

group coaching


membership communities

digital courses



and other information products, concepts, and materials.

Meet Your Attorney

Yasmine Salem Hamdan is an award-winning brand protection lawyer and the owner of the YSH Law Firm. Yasmine helps online business owners & entrepreneurs protect their businesses through trademark & contract law by helping them to secure their trademark assets within their businesses and develop solid contracts for use with their own clients, empowering them to render their services with confidence. As an attorney and fellow business owner, Yasmine’s mission is to support her clients by assisting them in taking proactive action and avoid expensive and time-consuming legal problems as their businesses grow. She also strives to bridge the information gap between the legal world & the online business world in order to empower business owners everywhere to take action when it comes to protecting their empires.

What our clients are saying

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Yasmine for quite some time now. Yasmine’s education and experience shows that she is qualified; but beyond that it is clear that she is passionate about helping business owners protect their businesses. Many of the legal aspects of business can feel intimidating to most of us, but Yasmine has a way of making things clear & understandable. I highly recommend Yasmine to any business owner, as Legal is something we all should take seriously.”

K.J.A, Business Coach & Agency Owner

Fact: You’re business is at risk if you don’t have the right contracts and trademarks in place…and you’ve probably been misinformed.

Things that don’t protect your brand:

An LLC A “Poor Man’s Copyright”
General Terms & Conditions A Domain Name
An Instagram handle Contract template downloaded from Google

Contracts are not one size fits all and owning a domain name or social media handle doesn’t mean you own the brand. Trademarks aren’t only for multi-million dollar companies, but they are for businesses that want to grow as such.

Our services will support you in securing complete legal ownership of your brand, without making costly mistakes trying to do it on your own.

After working with us, you will no longer have to:

  • Wonder about what you’ll do if someone steals a name or concept of yours
  • Worry about having to rebrand if another person trademarks a name, logo or concept you have been using.
  • Stress about costly legal fees that may accrue if a client sues you over a contract you pulled from the internet.
  • Dread getting a cease and desist email from another business owner who has trademarked a brand that you are using.

Stop looking over your digital shoulder.

The longer you delay protecting your intellectual property with trademarks and contracts, the more at risk you are of losing it to someone less creative or passionate as you.Brand protection means peace of mind, confidence in what you’re offering, and a level of professionalism that will make you stand out in the crowded marketplace.

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