How to Protect Your Podcast

IS YOUR PODCAST PROTECTED?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣I know you invest a *ton* into developing that podcast, sis.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣It takes A LOT of effort, including time⏰ money💰 & energy🔋 to package alllll of that value & knowledge into audio format.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣The question is… are you leaving it vulnerable & unprotected? 😦😓⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣...Or are you sleeping like a baby at night knowing that [...]

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How To Find The Perfect Lawyer For You

You just don't want to deal with the legal stuff in your business, ⁣I hear you. Working with a lawyer can seem next-level & straight up intimidating.⁣ &⁣ You know what? I get it.⁣⁣⁣⁣You’re busy creating incredible content, serving your dream clients, & enjoying the fruit of your labor.⁣ Who has time to sweat the [...]

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5 Steps to a Rock Solid Coaching Brand

1) Create a strong trademark Developing a strong, distinct trademark is STEP ONE. You want to avoid anything generic or descriptive of your services, program name, business name, podcast name, etc. – Opt for something suggestive, arbitrary, or fanciful. Learn more about creating a strong trademark for your business here. We did not come to [...]

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Top 4 Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration

This past week on my Instagram we talked all about the benefits of securing exclusive federal ownership in your trademark assets. I'm gonna give you the rundown here real quick. (Yes, I am Beyonce in this situation) 1) Exclusive right to the use of your trademark AND the right to exclude others When you secure the [...]

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How To Choose A Strong Trademark For Your Business

5 minute read It's one of the most important decisions you make in your business: What will I call it? How will the world identify my brand? WHO AM I? (cue the drama...) In all seriousness... Your trademark is how your audience & prospective customers will identify you. In today's world of online business, with [...]

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Top 5 Contracts You Need In Your Coaching Business

You're pouring into your community on a regular basis. Sharing value, providing insight & guidance. Talk about a super coach! But with all of this, as with any business, comes risk. So, Coach, what are you doing to protect yourself? Take it from me: Providing professional coaching services without a written & signed agreement is [...]

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How To Call Dibs on Your Brand Name, Product Name, or Program Name

Do you currently have something in the works? Perhaps you're working on launching a new mastermind coaching program, your brand's latest collection of products, or maybe it's a whole new business all together. Do you have the perfect name in mind? You may be holding it close, afraid of somebody else stealing it from you. [...]

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Understanding the Difference Between ™ & ® & ©

Today I want to share with you something that a LOT of entrepreneurs get confused by and that's the difference between these different symbols: ™ and ® and © And I can see why they can be confusing because, ummm, what the heck do those even mean? I'll break it down for you. © is the federal copyright [...]

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Should I File My Own Trademark Application?

The federal trademark registration process is what I like to refer to as "deceptively simple." It appears to be an online form you just fill out, but it is so much more than that, my friend. Submitting a federal trademark application begins a federal legal proceeding that can last anywhere from 8 months to 2 [...]

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