1) Create a strong trademark

Developing a strong, distinct trademark is STEP ONE. You want to avoid anything generic or descriptive of your services, program name, business name, podcast name, etc. – Opt for something suggestive, arbitrary, or fanciful. Learn more about creating a strong trademark for your business here.

We did not come to play.

2) Clear your trademark

First, conduct a preliminary search on your own (Google, social media, course platforms, podcast platforms). If it seem okay, the next step is to work with your lawyer to conduct an in-depth search & analysis. Discuss the findings with her & understand any potential risks, liabilities, and/or obstacles.

This is one of the most important steps in the process. Ensuring that your trademark is cleared can help you to avoid infringement lawsuits & forced rebrandings in the future.

3) Register your trademark

If all looks good, your lawyer will begin the drafting & filing process for your federal trademark application with the USPTO. As your Attorney-of-Record, your lawyer will represent you throughout the legal proceeding. This process can take a year on average depending on a number of factors.

4) Enforce your trademark

If (ahem, when) you secure that bad boy, you’ll effectively have the right to the use of your trademark across the entire United States. Enforcement is a MUST! Don’t let anybody use your trademark without your authorization.

5) Maintain your trademark

Did you know that you can own a trademark for as long as you continue to use it? That means it can be yours FOR-EV-ER. (*flashback to Sandlot*) Make sure you are submitting the necessary documents to maintain registration and ownership of your trademark over the years. Your Attorney-of-Record may handle this for you.

Taking the steps necessary to protect your coaching business through trademark protection arms you with the legal tools & assets necessary to avoid legal disputes & maintain exclusivity over your brand.

Are you ready to protect your brand & secure your business’ intellectual property rights? If so, schedule a Brand Protection Discovery Call with me today. We will spend time discussing the current state of your brand protection, identify your intellectual property assets, & discuss the game plan needed for you to protect what’s yours moving forward. I look forward to speaking with you.

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