This past week on my Instagram we talked all about the benefits of securing exclusive federal ownership in your trademark assets. I’m gonna give you the rundown here real quick.

(Yes, I am Beyonce in this situation)

1) Exclusive right to the use of your trademark AND the right to exclude others

When you secure the federal trademark registration to your brand, program, podcast, or service name, you are granted the exclusive right to the use of that name in your industry, along with the right to exclude others from using anything confusingly similar to it.

2) Secure control over your business assets

With a federal trademark registration, you’re able to control the use & ownership of your business assets. For example, without a secured registration, you cannot transfer ownership of the asset (sell to another) and you cannot license the use of it to others (franchise opportunities, collaboration opportunities, etc.)

3) Unique distinction in the market

When you secure & enforce your trademark rights, you prevent others from stepping into your digital lane & confusing your customers. The goal with any brand is to increase recognition of your business with your audience, so that when they see you, they immediately associate with your business a certain level of quality, a type of service & experience, & a whole lot of emotions that make them want to give you ALL THE MONEY! I call this *brand magic*.

#BrandMagic doesn’t happen overnight; it requires the investment of time, money, energy, and strategy to build a special relationship with your audience & reputation in your industry. But more on that later. 😉

4) Peace of mind

Do you find yourself on edge and/or lacking confidence when it comes to your legal foundation? This uncertainty leads to a lack of creative energy within your business because you’re always worried about someone creepin’ up & hittin’ you where it hurts: right in your business’ weak legal foundation.


Listen, it’s time to stop looking over your digital shoulder – it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many things you can do & actions you can take to create that peace of mind for yourself within your business. Stop sweating the legal stuff & take action now so that you can invest your energy into creating & building more within your business and serving your clients the way they deserve to be served. This type of investment leads to greater brand recognition, happier clients, & more money in the bank! You can do it!

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To your business’ success,

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