Do you currently have something in the works? Perhaps you’re working on launching a new mastermind coaching program, your brand’s latest collection of products, or maybe it’s a whole new business all together. Do you have the perfect name in mind? You may be holding it close, afraid of somebody else stealing it from you. Any idea how you can call dibs on this name? I’m about to tell you how.

Intent-to-Use Trademark Application

Under U.S. trademark law, there are two types of applications: Actual Use & Intent-to-Use. Actual use applications are pretty much what they sound like: if you are actually using the trademark in commerce, you file this type of application. Intent-to-use applications are to be used for trademarks you aren’t actively using just yet, but plan to use in the future.

If you have the perfect name of a product, collection, signature service, or program, and you are working on thing before officially launching (i.e, actually using the mark in commerce) the only way you can call dibs on your trademark is by filing an intent-to-use application with the USPTO. It’s a great strategy to implement as part of your overall brand protection strategy before you begin to invest in your marketing, branding, packaging, etc.

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