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Hi there! I'm Yasmine, a Business Development & Brand Protection Attorney based in the great State of Texas. When I'm not blogging, I'm working closely with business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup founders on business development and asset protection matters. The rest of my time is spent with my sweet husband, Yousuf, my awesome family & friends, and whatever else (usually tacos & a smoothie) I can squeeze into my day! Head over to my bio above, under the Meet Yasmine tab, if you're curious :)

7 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

12.5 minute read Any seasoned or serial entrepreneur is familiar with the many things there are to watch out for in launching and operating your business startup. As for the rest of us, entrepreneurship can be a new adventure of seemingly uncharted territory. Yes, many lessons are best learned through experience and a few slip [...]

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5 Things You Should Do After Landing a Brilliant Business Startup Idea

This blog does not provide legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice or if you would like to schedule a Business Audit & Strategy Session with our office in order to best protect yourself & your business, you can reach us directly at (512) 925-7882. Aspiring entrepreneurs know the [...]

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Do I Need a U.S. Trademark Registration?

4.5 minute read One question I receive frequently is whether or not a client needs a trademark registration with the USPTO (U.S. Patent & Trademark Office). To begin, what is a trademark registration, anyway? A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from [...]

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6 Steps to Selecting an Effective Brand Name with IP Protection in Mind

6.5 minute read Many times your business’ intellectual property is its most valuable asset. If you haven’t yet, head over to our post What in the World is IP and Why Does it Matter to My Business?. A company’s IP is what distinguishes it from the rest. There are many things to consider and discuss with [...]

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6 Crucial Steps to Take Once You’ve Selected Your Brand Name

4 minute read So you’ve decided on a name for your product or brand—Congratulations! That’s no easy feat. Now that that's done, you may be wondering, what now? Or perhaps you've been in business for some time, but never took any steps outside of actually using the brand name to protect it. Many wonder, what [...]

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What’s a Trademark Clearance Search?

4 minute read Trademark Clearance Search Process A clearance search is something a trademark attorney can help you with before you begin using a brand or product name in your business. After completing the Trademark Questionnaire, a form provided to clients that is used to collect information on your prospective trademark, Attorney Yasmine Salem Hamdan [...]

Surviving the Drought: How to Increase Your Referral Rate in 4 Steps

3.5 minute read Referrals can be an excellent source of business for you. For smaller operations, a business can thrive on a minimal advertising budget coupled with a strong stream of incoming referrals. People I know sending business my way, sounds great, but how do I get that to happen? As some of you may [...]

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7 Ideas for Increasing Your Business’ Community Involvement

4 minute read Increasing your business’ involvement in the local community can benefit you & your city in many ways. By connecting with your community, you open yourself up to get to know your neighbors and allow for them to get to know you. You’re suddenly able to help in increasing the public’s knowledge, which [...]

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Top Dog Tuesday: Katie Stoltz with Venues & Vows

September 19, 2017 The term ‘Top Dog’ is an idiom used to describe a boss or a leader. TDT is a weekly blog that features local entrepreneurs, business owners, & startup founders from all over the country. Happy Tuesday! And welcome to this week’s edition of Top Dog Tuesday! Katie Stoltz, Founder of Venues [...]

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Employee vs. Independent Contractor: What’s the Difference?!

6 minute read The workforce and job market today are entirely different than that of the previous generation. Years ago, people would find a position with a single company that they would remain in until retirement. Today, it is increasingly easy to develop a flexible lifestyle when it comes to your work and life. More [...]

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