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Increasing your business’ involvement in the local community can benefit you & your city in many ways. By connecting with your community, you open yourself up to get to know your neighbors and allow for them to get to know you. You’re suddenly able to help in increasing the public’s knowledge, which in turn provides you the opportunity to present your skills as an expert in your field. Read on to learn more!

Become a Resource

What good is that head full of knowledge if you aren’t helping others to enhance their own lives? There are many ways to approach this. For example, you could host a local radio show, write short articles for a local publication, or organize a seminar on an issue that affects many individuals in your community—the possibilities are endless. Two words: Givers gain. By becoming a resource for knowledge & information in your community, sharing your experiences, and assisting others, your neighbors will begin to value you as the expert in your field, coming to you as the go-to in finance, advertising, social media, you name it. By doing this, you help others in ways you never thought you could and, you guessed it, you will notice that referrals will be knocking on your door in no time.

Become a Sponsor

Connect with groups in your community by sponsoring their events or even membership. You could do this by creating an educational scholarship for the local youth group or college, chip in to help host an event that is being organized by a local organization, or sponsor a youth sports team; if there is a group that requires dues to be paid, you could offer a donation that would be made available to prospective members that cannot afford to pay for membership. Again, the possibilities are endless. You will never regret the decision to help and invest in your community. Also, many groups kindly offer advertising on their website or their merchandise in exchange for such sponsorship.

Host an Event

Host an event that brings together members of your community. At such an event, offer a short talk about a matter that is of value to those in attendance and relates to your expertise. After your talk, provide finger foods, refreshments, and merchandise (with your logo, of course!) and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with your neighbors on a personal level. Allow for them to get to know you as a person, the man or woman behind the business. This can be the first step in building valuable relationships.

Volunteer as a Speaker

Are there any local groups that are more likely to be interested in the services you offer? If you are a social media expert, reach out to the local entrepreneurs group and offer to speak at their next event or meeting on the basics of social media marketing, for example. Or if you are a financial advisor, consider reaching out to the young professionals group in your city. Such a group is likely filled with individuals just starting their careers and could use guidance as to their financial decisions.

Participate in Community Events

Set up a booth at your city’s next fair, festival, or event! Be sure to attend personally and to have your brightest & most social employees present with you. You want individuals that are happy to chat with members of the community and can give the best impression of your company’s personality!

Contests & Giveaways

People LOVE free stuff! Not to mention, competition. And the chatter around town will be positive for your business. Create a hashtag, encourage past customers to participate & share the contest with their friends, and be sure to tell members of your networking/community groups!

Mentor Aspiring Entrepreneurs

I’m willing to bet your local college or university (or even high school!) is chock full of young minds wanting to soak up the wisdom, knowledge, and experience you have to offer. Contact the Career Services or Advisors’ Department at your school of choice and let them know that your office has an opening for an intern or part-time assistant. Another option is creating a mentorship program in an entrepreneurs group that you are already a member of. You could even create a lasting partnership between your group and a young entrepreneurs group by introducing the possibility of working together to create a mentorship program. This will also increase the size of your reach & network many times over. Giving back to the younger generation is necessary; Invest in the future of our community by helping to alleviate some of the obstacles young people face in today’s market. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of what that was like…

Final Thoughts

These are just seven ideas for you to increase your business’ involvement with your community. I’ll say it again: The possibilities are ENDLESS. Our clients have implemented these methods and have experienced impressive results. Take action now and step out into your community with an open hand. I am confident that you won’t regret it!

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