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Perhaps Top Dogs Tuesday would be more appropriate: Meet identical twin brothers, Karl & Erik Macias. They launched their media production company, Twinflux, LLC right out of college and haven’t looked back. Since inception, they’ve produced content for national companies, music festivals, touring artists, & more. Follow their exciting career on social media to see their latest content and read on to learn more about the leaders behind this growing company.


Let’s start with the basics! Where did you two grow up and where are you located now?

We are happy to call Fort Worth, Texas home! We’ve lived here pretty much our whole lives aside from college.

Tell us about where you were in life before you took the leap to launch Twinflux Media.

We had just received our first independent contractor agreement as Twinflux, LLC one week before our college graduation. Signing that contract gave us all the confidence we needed to continue growing our company!

Let’s hear your pitch!

From corporate projects to concerts, we have the equipment, expertise, and passion to produce excellent work for you! We are 20+ time award-winning producers who love telling stories through media.

How long have you been in business?

Twinflux, LLC has been up and running since December 2013!

What were you most surprised to learn through your entrepreneurial journey?

That free work isn’t always a burden if you’re passionate about the project. In fact, it can lead to great opportunities!

What got you through hard times where capital was low, which is a common struggle for many young entrepreneurs?

Finding ways to make additional revenue as brand ambassadors really helped us out during those slow months. Not only were we able to make extra money, we used those opportunities to network.

How do you check in with your customers?

We stay engaged with our customers through e-mail and social media. Following up is a key to our success.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Instagram, of all places! We follow a few content creators who are living out their dreams. Seeing their work motivates us everyday!

Anything you look back on & regret?

We’ve turned down a few gigs here and there out of speculation for a “better” opportunity ahead. It’s a matter of trusting your gut and weighing the opportunity cost.

We’ve all been there… Embarrassing mistake you made as a rookie?

We flew to North Carolina late one night for a production. The concierge gave us the wrong room key and we accidentally woke up our client in the middle of the night. Even better, our client ordered room service for breakfast, and the staff brought it to us instead. Not sure if we’re to blame for these mishaps, but it’s a funny story we wanted to share!

If you could give a piece of advice to entrepreneurs going through a struggle, what would that be?

For struggling entrepreneurs, channel that energy into something positive, something you believe in. Find ways to stay passionate about your craft even if that means doing some free work.

What about for aspiring entrepreneurs afraid to take the leap?

Think about the freedom and perks of being your own boss! It might not be the most luxurious thing from the get-go, but if it makes you happy, then it’s so worth it!

How have you dealt with external doubts? In other words, when others doubted your abilities, what did you do?

When there are external pressure or doubts, having a reliable business partner who shares the same vision is extremely helpful. We keep each other grounded and as long as we are doing what we love and progressing in that, there’s no holding us back. Taking action is the solution!

What’s your favorite way to manage stress?

The gym!

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, for sure.

What satisfies your sweet tooth?

A crunchy peanut butter Clif bar!

What would readers be surprised to learn about you?

Besides being identical twins, we’re multi-racial! We are half-Mexican, a quarter-Pakistani, and a quarter-Swedish.


Follow Erik & Karl’s entrepreneurial journey & their media production company, Twinflux, LLC online & on social media!

Instagram: @twinfluxmedia




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