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The legalities surrounding business and brand protection can be compared to a complicated and confusing maze. Many individuals & entrepreneurs attempt to navigate this tricky path nearly blindfolded, without the assistance of a trusted advisor they can count on. This can lead to pitfalls and setbacks, delaying growth and success.

When you are handling sensitive matters that affect your livelihood, brand, and future, you need much more than just a lawyer in a suit. You need a trusted advisor that is by your side, guiding you through the winding maze and helping you to avoid the inevitable obstacles along the way.

Attorney Yasmine Salem Hamdan offers Business Development and Trademark Protection Services that help you build and grow a thriving business, all while taking protective and preventative measures to shield yourself, your family, and your future from liability and financial uncertainty. Reach Yasmine today by clicking the button below and scheduling a call.

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Our Mission

Yasmine’s mission is to provide the highest quality service and support to her clients. She aims to educate her community, build relationships with entrepreneurs, and aid families in wealth protection planning in order to foster security and peace of mind. Yasmine recognizes that business, legal, and asset protection plans are never ‘one size fits all.’ For this reason, she is determined to work with you, side-by-side, in identifying your needs and creating suitable solutions for your family and business.

Attorney. Advocate. Advisor.

General Business Counsel

Yasmine works side-by-side with you as an advisor, not simply a legal technician. In addition to a business-focused and practical approach to problem solving, Yasmine delivers advanced business development and strategy consulting. She provides her clients with proactive, preventative legal risk management, helping anticipate & avoid problems before they arise.

Trademark + Brand Protection

Strategic planning is a necessity to best protect one of your most valuable assets: your brand. Yasmine helps you to identify your intellectual property & do what is necessary to protect it from infringers.

Disputes + Litigation

Clear communication is key in resolving most disputes. At times, a simple phone call or letter can do the job, but there are other times when litigation becomes the only option to restore your rights after conflict. Yasmine’s approach is solution-oriented and dedicated to minimizing her clients’ cost while maximizing your return.

Sealing the Deal

Negotiation of partnerships & agreements are standard in business. Yasmine’s skills become yours when you have her on your side. She will represent & support you through it all.

Intellectual Property Protection

An entrepreneur’s most valuable asset may be his or her intellectual property. Failing to take the steps needed to protect one’s intellectual property can pave the way for expensive, time-consuming obstacles ahead.

Purchase & Sale

Looking to purchase a business or sell your own? Yasmine helps you through the process effortlessly & painlessly, making sure to get you what you deserve.

Yasmine’s clients are delighted when they discover the structure of their client-attorney relationship. The days of billable hours are a thing of the past—at least they should be. Yasmine firmly believes that no client should be hesitant to give his or her attorney a call for fear of being billed for a 15 minute phone conversation or of receiving a surprise invoice demanding thousands of dollars for legal work you were not expecting. At the YSH Law Firm, clients and their interests come first. We work together to reach an arrangement that works, eliminating any surprises and uncertainty.

Yasmine know how important open communication is, especially when it comes to your business. Unlike other firms, she makes it easy for our clients to reach her office, while promptly returning calls and communications the same day. You’ll find that it’s easy to get a hold of Yasmine, unlike other law firms out there. And if she is unavailable because she is meeting with other clients, in court, or out of the office, be confident in the fact that she’ll be getting back to you as soon as possible. No more waiting by the phone or being left in the dark.

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